Sports-mysteries are perfect gifts for kids because they teach important life lessons, and promote problem-solving and reading skills.

Why Sports-Mysteries Are Perfect Gifts For Kids

Why Sports-Mysteries Are Perfect Gifts For Kids
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When you are searching for perfect gifts for kids on your holiday gift list, you can’t go wrong buying sports-mysteries for them. Whether the child is a sports enthusiast or not, sports-mysteries are fun to read, encourage problem-solving skills, effortlessly promote reading, and teach important life lessons. As well, books are inexpensive, can be bought without even leaving home, and are a snap to wrap. They are win-win gifts and nothing else even comes close.  

Why Choose Mystery Books for Children? 

The choice of a mystery book for children is a good one because:

  • The interest in finding out “whodunit” inspires children to keep reading to discover who committed the crime.
  • Intense interest in solving the mystery encourages a child to read more and to read faster to get to the end of the story.
  • Studies show that puzzling out who is guilty, why and how the crime was committed, and what happens to everyone involved helps children improve their problem-solving skills.

Why Choose Sports Books for Children? 

All children play sports at some level or other—toss balls into baskets or over nets, skip ropes, play catch, run relays in gym class, play pickup hockey or soccer or basketball games, or play organized sports as individuals or on teams—and they know that lots of practice and learning the skills needed improves their chances of success.

Sports stories provide a microcosm of the game of life and children can relate to them no matter what their athletic skill level, and helps equip them for situations with which children of all ages must learn to cope.

 They learn:

  • how they should behave when they experience the thrill of winning to avoid looking like a show-off, and how to accept the agony of defeat without looking like a poor loser
  • that losing is not a disgrace, but not trying your best is
  • how to take turns and work with others to reach a common goal
  • how to deal with cheaters without getting angry
  • how to accept coaches who don’t play fair without rebelling against them or quitting the team, and continue to work hard for their teammates
  • to accept the fact that some adults behave like children without losing respect for adults in general
  • that not everyone can compete equally and that’s okay
  • that losing is unimportant and is a part of the learning process, but working hard to win is very important
  • good friends make life happier, sports more fun, and solving mysteries easier\

I chose to write sports-mysteries for children because I loved reading as a child and wanted to write books that would interest children so they would discover that reading is fun—more fun than watching mediocre TV shows or movies—and their reading skills would improve. I have always thrilled to the adventure of trying to solve mysteries, and to the excitement of sports stories. 

If you are looking for a sports-mystery perfect for boys and girls ages 8 to 12 for holiday gift giving, you can order the kids’ books I wrote for mystery lovers and sports adventure lovers: Something’s Missing(a hockey mystery) at or Amazon.comor Someone’s Trapped(a soccer mystery) at or Amazon.comor you can order them from Barnes and Noble or from your local bookstore. There are more details about each of these books right here on my website. 

Books make wonderful gifts, are easy to order from any bookstore or to buy online, are easy to wrap, come in many sizes and prices, and cover a variety of subjects in both fiction and non-fiction. You can’t go wrong!


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