Watch For Murder On A Tuesday Coming Soon!

Watch For Murder On A Tuesday Coming Soon!
4:12 pm , October 30, 2019 0

The last touches are now being placed to finalize my cozy mystery story Murder on a Tuesday, and the book will be available soon. It always seems like a long process to go from the first idea, the writing, the editing, and then the creation of the book complete with cover, copyright, ISBN number, dedication, and the acknowledgements. However, it has actually taken less than a year to complete this one, but I seem to live inside a book until it’s finished, and then finally come out to see what’s going on in the world.


My publisher, High Tide Publication, Inc., suffers along with me and bestows kindness and encouragement to keep me slogging along until I see daylight at the end of the maze.


The Rachel Mathews Murder Mystery Series Continues 


This is the second book in the Rachel Mathews murder mystery series and you will meet most of the characters from the first book, Murder on a Monday, along with the addition of a few more. Rachel and Donna, her best friend and co-owner of their business magazine, aren’t the ones who discover the body this time, but they are on the scene when a coach is found murdered in the dark arena parking lot after a boys’ hockey game.


Rachel promises her friends and family that she won’t investigate and try to identify the killer this time, claiming she learned her lesson about the dangers of becoming involved with suspects in a murder case after her previous experience. Or has she? It doesn’t sound like the Rachel we know, or the one Donna knows.  As Donna points out to her:


You claim the last time you became interested in a crime, people talked to you, told you what they knew, and you learned so much that you became dangerous to the killer and that’s why he came after you. I never let on that people talked to you and gave you information only because you browbeat it out of them while trying to solve the case, and it was all your own stupid fault.


Rachel laughs at the comment and agrees to keep her head down this time but, as she tells the man in her life, Mitch, who happens to be the lead homicide investigator in town, she can’t help it if people give her information. He is less than delighted when she passes along what she learns to him, and she admits to Donna:


“He didn’t jump up and down with excitement and tell me he couldn’t do his job without my help.”


However, she is not surprised at Mitch’s lack of enthusiasm and neither is Donna, but Rachel is on the case whether she wants to be or not. After all, as she says, she can’t help it if people confide in her, and she can’t ignore what she hears.


A Third Book in the Series is in the Works 


I am now working on my outline for the third book in the series, Murder on a Wednesday. It’s my dream to be able to produce such a detailed outline for a book that I have nothing left to do when writing it except to insert ifs, ands, buts, howevers, and therefores, but I don’t seem to have perfected the art yet. I keep trying and hoping.


If you haven’t read the first book in the series, it doesn’t matter. You can start with Tuesday’s murder and then read Monday’s and won’t miss anything; the books are “stand alone” and you can start the series anywhere.


Do enjoy these mysteries and solve them along with Rachel. All the clues will be there!



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