Viking Club Mystery #2 Is Now Released And Everyone’s Trapped!

Viking Club Mystery #2 Is Now Released And Everyone’s Trapped!
5:03 pm , February 28, 2014 0
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Someone’s Trapped, the second book in the Viking Club Mystery series, revolves around the sport of soccer and has just been released. You can buy it now from various sources in hardcover or paperback for fans of Chris, Rebecca, and Jaylon, or for some other young person who likes sports and mysteries and might become a fan, too.

In this second story, the three club members get together to solve a mystery after a summons from Rebecca. She is one of several suspects in a string of thefts from her soccer team’s dressing room and she realizes that if the culprit isn’t discovered, people will always have their doubts about her honesty and the honesty of some of her teammates. How horrible is that?

Rebecca Calls Upon the Viking Club Detective Agency

Rebecca is desperate after the second theft when it is clear that she is one of only four people who had the opportunity to commit both crimes, and she phones her two mystery-solving partners, Chris and Jaylon. Both boys are surprised. Even though they had all agreed to form the Viking Club Detective Agency, there had been no communication between the three of them since the first mystery was solved.

Although they all played hockey and soccer for the same association, they were different ages, in different grades, and on different teams, and really didn’t see each other, except from a distance. There didn’t seem to be a reason to make any effort to reach out, although they certainly considered themselves to be friends.

When Rebecca calls for help, the boys immediately agree to meet and hear about the mystery she needs to solve. Jaylon, three years younger than Rebecca and two years younger than Chris, is clearly delighted. He had never been sure the two older kids really wanted to include him in the club in the first place. Now he knew they did.

There are Other Problems to Solve

Although the main focus is on Rebecca’s dilemma, the three friends become aware that everyone has problems with which they must deal on their summer soccer teams.

• Chris is being bullied by his teammates and his coaches are ignoring the situation. In fact, they have contributed to the problem and Chris doesn’t know what to do, other than grin and bear it. His father is still away, posted in Afghanistan, and he doesn’t want to add to his overworked mother’s burdens by complaining about it.

• Jaylon is enjoying success on a winning soccer team but is increasingly concerned about his best buddy on the team. For some reason, Patrick’s game has gone down hill and he doesn’t seem to be trying. Jaylon has no idea what’s wrong or how to find out and, when he does discover the problem, he doesn’t know how to help.

These are the mysteries that Chris, Rebecca, and Jaylon have to solve, and they work together to puzzle out what they can do for each other.

Children Learn Problem Solving from Mysteries

Such predicaments as having your honesty questioned, being bullied by peers, and figuring out to discretely help a friend are serious issues and many children experience one or more of them. It helps children deal with their own problems when they read about young people, like themselves, examining problems with friends and weighing solutions.

When the setting is a mystery story, it makes problem-solving a fun activity. The young reader knows the mysteries and problems will solved even though that doesn’t necessarily happen in real life. However, sometimes they are, and hope is a good thing.

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