The Kids’ Mystery, Someone’s Trapped, Is A Good Summer Read

The Kids’ Mystery, Someone’s Trapped, Is A Good Summer Read
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The time has come to update your children’s summer reading lists, and a good choice for an eight to twelve-year-old is the kids’ mystery, Someone’s Trapped. If your child likes sports—soccer, in particular—and enjoys mysteries, too, Someone’s Trapped, a sports-themed mystery, is perfect.

Summer is the season for family vacations and there is always time for reading on the beach, in the cottage, in the backyard, sitting on a tree branch, or any quiet spot. Books are the answer to the annual summertime kid-problems of:

  • What’ll I do now?
  • I’m bored.
  • None of my friends are home.
  • None of my friends can come over.
  •  It’s raining.

It’s a good idea to have some new books available for moments such as these.

Here are Some Hints to Interest the Reluctant Reader

If your child loves to read, he is probably deep into the books he wants to read during the summer vacation. However, if your child has a reading problem or simply doesn’t like to read, he is very likely hoping he won’t hear the words ‘book’ and ‘reading’ for the rest of the summer. You want your children to read, and here are some ideas for the reluctant reader:

  • Be ready with a variety of reading materials ranging from comics and joke books to both short and long chapter books.
  • Offer an e-book on any platform you have available, and see if that triggers interest.
  • Dig out books written about TV characters he likes.
  • Find books on subjects that interest him.
  • Set a reading goal for your child—a certain number of books, or a certain amount of time per week spent on reading.

Does Bribing Work?

Some parents reward their children with cash for reading. Reading=cash certainly fosters materialism and it may motivate the child to read, but you can never be sure that it will produce a genuine interest in reading during the process of working to collect the bribe.

However, there are some acceptable ways of ‘bribing’ a child to read by ensuring that ‘reading’ becomes the reward, or the task is part of an entire chore list. Here are a couple of ways of accomplishing this:

  1. The Chore List – List your child’s summer responsibilities on a chart and include such things as bed making, unloading or loading the dishwasher, clearing the table, weeding the garden, watering house plants, etc., and include ‘reading’ for whatever amount of time you consider reasonable.Completed tasks are checked off each day and you should allow the child to go back and make up for any chores missed. There is a prize at the end of the summer for completing the list, which can be money, a special trip, or a special item the child wants.
  2. The Reading List – Rewards associated with reading are provided all summer long:• If the child does his reading for the day, you read aloud at the end of the day from a specially chosen book—perhaps one too difficult for the child to read on his own.• When a book is completed, the child wins a trip to the library to select the next one.

    • When x number of books are read, the child wins a trip to a bookstore to buy a book.

Summer is a great time to encourage your child to read so that he will be ahead of the game when school starts again in the fall. A kids’ mystery can be the winner you need to help motivate your child. Get your strategy in place soon!

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