Spooky Halloween Stories Encourage Kids To Read More

Spooky Halloween Stories Encourage Kids To Read More
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Spooky Halloween stories encourage kids to read more, and play an important role in their emotional education. If your child is a reluctant reader, introducing him to a scary Halloween story may be the nudge he needs to be captivated and to discover that reading can be fun.

Another benefit is that spooky stories allow children to experience and learn how to control their darker emotions. Children worry about not being loved and not being accepted. They are afraid of losing their parents or becoming lost. They fear strangers, the dark, the unknown, and real or imagined threats to their safety.

From the shelter of a book, they can live out a scary fantasy and deal with a whole range of emotions induced by fear. When they read the happy ending, they can be made stronger by believing that they, too, can overcome their fears and face future frightening experiences.

Kids Love Halloween and are Fascinated by Scary Things 

The thrill of following the harrowing tale of a young adventurer who learns how to deal with a frightening situation or scary creatures propels the reader forward in the story. How can the reader stop until he learns what happens when the zombie catches the young hero? Does he escape? How? Will someone or something rescue him?

  • Fairy Tales – These are usually the first scary stories that children encounter and become their introduction to goblins and fairies and fun fantasies that have frightening elements, too, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Giggle-Scary Stories – These are the gasp, scream, and then giggle stories, like the well-known Franklin’s Halloween, and are perfect for young children.
  • Adventure Scary Stories – The Harry Potter series and others like it fall into this category, and have wide appeal, especially among children in middle grades.

If your child is interested in reading scary stories, you are in luck. There are lots from which to choose, and you can find something appropriate for every child’s age and reading ability.

Spooky Stories Guide Children Through Emotional Journeys 

Confronting ghosts, monsters, and zombies within a scary story helps children learn that fears and fearful situations can be faced and overcome. However, when choosing a story for your child, be guided by him. Frightening stories should never be forced on anyone and, if your child is easily frightened, choose from the Giggle-Scary Stories and the mild Fairy Tales.

However, do take advantage of the Halloween season to find something your child will enjoy reading—with your help if necessary. Don’t avoid scary stories altogether, as even a timid child gains courage when he finds out that the ghost is friendly and the bad witch can be scared away. The adrenaline rush of fear and the release of tension when everything turns out well are the charm and the attraction of scary stories and why they are so popular with children.

Ask at your library or neighborhood bookstore for the best sellers this year, or you can choose from this list:

For the Young:

  • Looking for Dracula – a story told within a song
  • Dem Bones – good for the pirate lover
  • White Dog – a loyal dog, a little boy, and a ghost

Giggle Scary:

  • The Vinder Viper – suitable for all ages
  • Haunted – even ghosts love to party!


For Older Kids:

  • The Scarecrow – Can a scarecrow protect you from evil spirits?
  • Shadows in the Mirror – There’s a ghost in the house!

When I was a child, I loved the thrill of a scary story, as long as I was safely at home and my mother nearby. Spooky Halloween stories help children grapple with their fears, and they provide thrills and chills that inspire kids to read more. You can’t lose!


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