Something’s Missing

A Viking Club Sports-Mystery For Kids 8 to 12

Written and Illustrated by Maureen Grenier

A Missing Father …
A Missing Team …
A Missing Friend …

What more could happen? Oh, no, something else is missing!

Three young hockey players struggle with something missing in their lives as they
and their teammates play in the annual Vikings versus Pirates Tournament. As well
as being anxious to help wrest the trophy from their archrivals by winning first place
in their respective age groups, the three Vikings have other worries.

Chris is mourning his absent father, desperate for his dad’s encouragement since
there is never any from his coach; Jaylon can’t seem to forget his former winning
team, and knows he is now a loser on a team that can’t seem to catch a break (and
probably can’t help win the trophy); and Rebecca is devastated when her best friend
betrays her. But a father, a winning team, and a friend aren’t all that’s missing.
Something else has disappeared and if it’s not returned, fingers will be pointing at
the whole Viking organization!

Chance draws Chris, Jaylon, and Rebecca together as the last game of the
tournament is played. Can they head off the disaster facing the Vikings and the
whole town? The three friends put their own problems behind them and concentrate
on trying to solve the mystery before the tournament ends.

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