Someone’s Trapped

Viking Club Sports-Mystery #2 for Kids 8-12

Illustrated by Maureen Grenier

Now released!

The summer soccer season is underway and the soccer ball isn’t the only thing that can be trapped. Players can be trapped, too!

Chris and Jaylon are very surprised when Rebecca phones and asks for their help in solving a mystery. What’s up? The three had met during a Viking hockey tournament earlier that year and solved a mystery together. They formed the Viking Club Detective Agency on the spot, pledging to call on each other if any other mysteries cropped up. And that was that. They never heard from each other again — until now.

The three friends are playing for the same soccer association on different teams, and Chris and Jaylon have their own problems to worry about. However, when they discover that Rebecca is actually under suspicion of having committed a real crime, they put their own worries aside and concentrate on trapping a thief.

Can the Viking Club Agency score again? They had better come up with a good plan or Rebecca will pay the price. And how is Chris going to get through this terrible summer? Will Jaylon find a way to help a soccer buddy on his team?

Trouble, trouble, trouble!