Scary Or Not, Halloween Stories Encourage Reading

Scary Or Not, Halloween Stories Encourage Reading
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Whether Halloween stories are scary or not, children are easily captivated by this fun celebration and love the promise of thrills and chills and it motivates reading, and that is always a good thing.


Find the Right Kind of Halloween Stories 


It is not difficult to find good stories that deal with this annual celebration and your child should be your guide as to how scary they can be. Just as some people are afraid of harmless snakes, others don’t mind snakes but are afraid of harmless spiders. Fear is very personal. Decide on the level of fear your child is willing to experience and, if you can’t decide, ask him before you choose a Halloween book for him. Consider how he relates to:


  • People in frightening costumes
  • Going for treats to houses that have scary Halloween decorations?
  • Masks
  • Screeches, screams, and scary noises


There is nothing odd about being afraid of the traditions, costumes, and decorations surrounding this celebration of the Eve of All Saints’ Day, and your younger child might be less frightened than your older child. Be sure and respect the feelings of each child and don’t allow teasing, any more than you would allow teasing about a fear of heights.


There are Three Main Categories of Scary Stories 


You can find spooky stories to please everyone. If you are uncertain about what to choose, librarians and bookstore clerks are always delighted to help you make a selection from the most popular choices, and they will draw from these three main categories:

  • scary-fairy – charming introductions to goblins, fairies, and Halloween characters
  • fun-scary – Halloween subjects that make readers gasp and then giggle
  • adventure-scary – Halloween adventures from which the hero emerges the victor


Exciting, spooky tales fascinate youngsters and you can capitalize on this by supplying books with thrills and chills that motivate them to read and find out:

  • What really happened?
  • What can they do?
  • How can they escape?


Halloween Stories Help Children Deal With Fears


The rush of adrenalin followed by the relief of tension helps teach children that fears and frightening situations can be faced and overcome:

  • The scary little witch is simply lost and looking for the path home. Can the reader help?
  • The monster is afraid of children and is will run away if everyone together shouts “Boo!”
  • The boy with magic powers saves the children in danger even though they were once mean to him.


Living through tense, frightening situations in a fictional story within the safety of home and family is comforting to children who must live with their own natural anxieties: fear of pain, fear of the dark, fear of the loss of a parent, fear of strangers, fear of threats to their happiness. Reading scary fantasies helps children understand that other children have fears as bad or worse than their own, and the final resolution reassures children that happy endings are possible for everyone.


Go ahead and encourage your child to read thrilling Halloween stories or read them together and share the spookiness or the laughter. The charm and attraction of a scary story is good a motivator for children to want to read and read more, and that, in itself, is pretty thrilling for most parents!



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