Murder on a Monday

A Rachel Mathews Murder Mystery

Rachel Mathews and Donna O’Hare are owners of a magazine for small business, and their experience in solving mysteries is confined to trying to  figure out why an advertiser cancelled an ad or why a promised article didn’t materialize by deadline. All that changes when they stumble across the body of a young woman sprawled in the stairwell of the Ullman Building where their office is located. Her throat has been cut.

They are horrified to recognize the murder victim as Jody Smythe, manager of the seniors’ residence next door. The police begin their inquiries but are unable to find the knife used as the murder weapon and can’t seem to find anyone with a motive for the crime.

Impulsive Donna, enamored with David, son of the Manor owner, refuses to consider the possibility that he could be involved in the murder, but Rachel is not so sure. Could the handsome David have been Jody’s lover? Why was Jody in the Ullman Building that day? Why kill her there? Was it all about money? Sex? Drugs?

Rachel begins to search for explanations and a story of deception, theft, adultery, and a mother’s twisted love unfolds as Rachel plunges further and further into her investigation. Two more deaths surface as Rachel follows one dead-end lead after another, hoping the case will be solved before Donna’s attraction to one of the prime suspects proves fatal.

The backdrop for this contemporary “cozy” murder mystery is Victoria, BC, Canada, and it will appeal to readers who enjoy a murder mystery investigated by a gifted amateur. It also deals with the practice of psychological self-defense and how to use it to survive if you are ever the target of a life-or-death physical assault.

Murder On A Monday is published by High Tide Publications, Inc., and has been released on and Buy your copy today!