UPDATE Murder On A Monday, E-book, Free 2 Days!

UPDATE Murder On A Monday, E-book, Free 2 Days!
3:55 pm , February 3, 2020 0

NB: The Date Has Changed to 5th and 6th!

I am thrilled to announce that my cozy mysteryMurder on a Monday, the first in the Rachel Mathews Murder Mysteries, will be released on  (DATE CHANGE) Wednesday, February 5th  as an e-book on Amazon. Note the new cover! Many of you love e-books because they are so portable, inexpensive, and easy to obtain, and you will now be able to order my book and have it arrive on your Kindle or other e-reader within seconds. You can’t beat that for convenience.


Free on February 5th and 6th


Not only is it available as an e-book, it will be FREE on Wednesday, the day of release, and also FREE the next day, Thursday, February 6th. So, hurry, hurry, hurry!


Here is the Synopsis


Rachel Mathews and Donna O’Hare, friends and owners of a magazine for small business in Victoria, BC, are horrified when they stumble across the body of Jody Smythe sprawled in the stairwell of their office building in the middle of the day. Jody was manager of the seniors’ residence next door, and someone has cut her throat.

Impulsive Donna, enamored with the son of the seniors’ residence owner, can’t believe good-looking David had anything to do with the murder, but Rachel is unconvinced. The police check everywhere but can’tfind the murder weapon or anyone with a motive for killing the young woman, and two more deaths surface.

As Rachel searches for explanations, she seeks help from a former hippy, two elderly women, and an actuary. Astory of deception, theft, adultery, and a mother’s twisted love unfolds as she plunges deeper and deeper into the mystery. Will the case be solved before Donna’s attraction to a prime suspect proves fatal?

For anyone who becomes the target of a physical assault, psychological self-defense is a great tool and Rachel learns how to use it just in time.


Here’s How to Order Your E-book 


I invite readers who love cozy mysteries and want to buy Murder on a Monday as an e-book —or as a paperback, if you prefer that—click on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca right now. It works like magic!

E-books have not replaced traditional print books as many feared would happen and many readers enjoy having a combination of both. I’m happy to have my books published as e-books as well as in traditional print formats because more people will read and enjoy my books. Readers who don’t know me as an author but are interested in cozy mysteries are more likely to take a chance and buy them when they don’t cost much and there are no shipping fees. As well, people are more likely to give me a review, which is a necessary advertising tool.


A review can be as brief as 25 words, and it helps other readers make their reading choices and helps the author, too.

Watch for Murder on a Tuesday, the second book in the series, coming later this month!



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