I’ll Solve Your Mystery; You Solve Mine

I’ll Solve Your Mystery; You Solve Mine
7:15 am , August 28, 2013 0

What mystery can I solve for you?  I can help you with the mystery of how to provide meals for your athletes when they can’t be with the family for dinner.  What mystery can you solve for me?  You can help me with the mystery of how to get reviews for my book, which is key to recognition from Amazon and for sales.

Mystery #1: How Can You Provide Easy Meals for Your Athletes?

I was, at one time, in the position of having my three children playing different sports on different teams on the same day.  Never mind the transportation logistics, just think of the dinner problem!

  • On the worst days, one child had to eat dinner at 4:00 because he traveled quite far for hockey games and practices, and wouldn’t be home again until about 9:00.
  • Another child was playing for a volleyball team after school and would arrive home at 6:00, starving.
  • Another one arrived home after the basketball practice at 7:30, starving.

I finally realized I could only feed healthy, home-cooked meals to my children if I did some serious planning.  Is this a problem for you, too?

Here’s A Solution

I decided to make it a practice – whenever possible – of deliberately preparing more of any main dish I was cooking than our family could eat. That way, I always had leftovers to freeze in individual portions for any child who wasn’t able to eat with us. It worked very well. I would make not one chicken pie, but two, for example, and I would cut up the extra one in portions and freeze them for when they were needed.

  • Any child who came home close to 6:00 pm could eat dinner with the family and I would adjust the dinner hour to anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 so that three or more of us could have dinner together.
  • Any child who had to eat too early or too late to have dinner with the family could choose from the assortment of meals I packaged and froze.

If you have this problem and could use some help, sign up for my newsletter. Each month, I choose a recipe from those I’ve made for my family over the years, and I send it out to you by e-mail with instructions on how to make it, and then how to portion out the leftovers and freeze them for your little athletes for another meal.

The measurements are in both imperial and metric and I tell you how to turn the dish into a nonmeat dish if your family or your child is a vegetarian. If you find the recipes aren’t useful because your child is on a special diet and you can’t adapt them easily, you can simply remove yourself from the mailing list. The e-mail list is confidential, will never be shared with anyone, and is accessible only to me. So, you can feel perfectly safe in signing up.

Mystery #2: How Can I Get Reviews for my Sports-Mystery?

Reviews are important because they help make the decision for buyers who are trying to decide on an appropriate book for a child, and they help authors get higher ratings and make more sales. Sometimes people buy books on the basis of how many good reviews it gets. That is unfortunate if a writer doesn’t have a lot of friends, acquaintances, or readers who understand the importance of reviews.

Here’s A Solution

If your child has read and liked my sports-mystery, would you please let me know? I would really appreciate hearing from you and you can let me know here or on one of the Amazon sites, if you bought it there.

A simple review can be as short as a sentence or two, and then a rating of 1-5 stars, with five stars being the highest rating. For Amazon, just go into the site, type in my name, the book will come up, and when you choose it, you’ll see where you can click on the review button. It’s very easy, and you have lots of time to change anything you say, rewrite it, or erase the whole thing.

If you didn’t buy the book from Amazon, you can send me a review in the comments section at the end of this blog and I’ll post it in the review section of the website.  Don’t forget to click the post button when you are finished. If you want your name and e-mail address withheld, just ask me, and I’ll use your initials or you can give me another name to use. I read and approve all comments before they appear on my website.

You can review Something’s Missing here or at Amazon.com, or this Amazon.ca link, or at the Kindle Amazon.com here or Kindle Amazon.ca at this link. You don’t have to use your own name on Amazon either – you’ll be asked.

The Next Book in the Series is Coming in the Late Fall

Someone’s Trapped, the next book in the Viking Club Mystery series, is now at the publisher. Chris, Rebecca, and Jaylon meet again to solve another a mystery while dealing with new personal struggles, this time in a summer soccer setting. I’m hoping to have it out in late November or early December. I’ll keep you posted!

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Maureen Grenier and a clickable link back to this page.

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