Do Most Murder Mystery Readers Have A Dark Side?

Do Most Murder Mystery Readers Have A Dark Side?
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If you like to read murder mysteries, does that mean you have a dark side and are secretly attracted to violence, would love to witness a murder, or would like to solve a real murder mystery? No, in fact, murder mystery fans generally hate violence and wouldn’t want to be responsible for solving a real murder, or coming face to face with a murderer either. There are several reasons for reading mysteries and having a “dark side” isn’t one of them.


What are the Attractions of Reading Murder Mysteries?


There are several general reasons for having an interest in reading murder mysteries:

  1. They offer the reader an exciting escape from the routine of everyday life.
  2. They allow readers to face their fears about horrors and violence that exist in the world without having to deal with them by themselves.
  3. They attract readers who admire the logic and reason that must be exercised to solve a mystery or any crime.


Instead of reading a slice of someone’s life that may be unhappy or even desperate and never resolved, readers enjoy an exciting or even thrilling story that revolves around a problem to be solved and know it will be solved by the end of the book, They enjoy speculating about:

  1. Who is the character responsible for taking one or more lives?
  2. Why did the murderer(s) kill? What was the motive or motives?
  3. How did the killer commit the murder and escape immediate detection?
  4. What steps were taken by the professional or amateur detective(s) to determine who committed the crime?


There are Three Basic Types of Murder Mysteries


Most readers choose from one of these types of mystery stories depending on what they are looking for in a murder mystery:

  1. True crime murder mysteries– Stories are of one or more murders that have actually taken place and describe the steps taken by authorities to bring the killer(s) to justice. This type of mystery story is usually chosen by readers who not only hate violent crimes, but are familiar with some famous murder cases and find it reassuring to read about the concrete actions taken by the police and detectives who bring justice to the victims and to society.
  2. Fictional crime murder mysteries – These stories are similar to true crime mysteries, but the crimes, motives, steps taken to solve the murder(s), and the resolution is entirely invented by an author.
  3. Cozy murder mysteries– These mysteries are also about fictional murders, but are stripped of gore and titillating details about sex and torture, and often use humor to lighten the mood.


Several Characteristics are Important in Every Murder Mystery


No matter which type of murder mystery a readers chooses, certain characteristics are expected to be included in all of them, even those that are fictitious:

  1. The characters must be believable as real people.
  2. It must be conceivable that the events could happen in real life.
  3. The character who solves the mystery must not depend on good fortune or coincidence to find the culprit.
  4. The case is solved by human logic and reasoning ability, although some degree of luck is acceptable.
  5. The murderer may or may not be brought to justice, but the reader knows who committed the crime and why, and is able to accept the resolution as fitting and acceptable.


Murder mysteries provide a tangled web for readers to delve into and find their way through, and fans usually become engrossed in solving the crime along with the hero or heroine who is trying to discover who is responsible for the murder.  Murder mysteries are stimulating and fun to read and attract people who admire bravery and the power of logical thinking. People don’t choose to read them because they are attracted to violence or are weird in some way. Believe me, I know. I’m not in the least bit weird and not only read them but also write them. Join me on a murder mystery journey by reading one of my books!



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