Books & More Books—They’re The Season’s Must-Have Gifts!

Books & More Books—They’re The Season’s Must-Have Gifts!
3:35 pm , December 5, 2017 0

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or the Winter Solstice, include books for everyone on your gift list, and you will make shopping easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable for yourself. I love receiving books, giving books, and shopping for books and, if you like to read, you probably enjoy all these activities, too.


Books Are Appropriate Gifts for All Ages

You can find books that are perfect for young people: some are great books to read to a child, some are suitable for young readers, some are chapter books for older children, some are popular with young teenagers, and some are best sellers loved by young adults.

Choosing books for older adults requires a little information about the reader. Is the recipient of your gift someone who is interested in world affairs, business, biographies, self-help, health and fitness, or fiction? When you are buying fiction, it is useful to know if the reader enjoys mysteries, romance, adventure, thrillers, westerns, historical novels, humor, or something else.

If you want to know what someone is likely to read without tipping your hand about finding the right book as a gift for him/her, start a discussion about TV and movies. If you know what type of fiction or the general category of non-fiction programs they enjoy on the screen, you can figure out what type of books will hold their interest, too. If all else fails, choose a best seller that everyone is talking about.

Books Remain a Popular Choice for Gift-Giving 

There are all kinds of reasons why books are an ideal gift choice for everyone.


  1. If you are choosing a book for someone who doesn’t read a lot, you can still find the perfect book:
  • Consider a book of cartoons. All popular cartoonists publish books of their most beloved cartoons and there is a great selection from which you can choose.
  • There are books of the best photographs of 2016 or 2017 from, say, the National Geographic Magazine, or from all the large, national sporting associations.
  • There are books of lists of outstanding events of 2017 and of the most notable scientific discoveries of the past decade, etc.


  1. You can do all your shopping online or in one or two bookstores, which makes choosing gifts easy on your feet, your gas, and your energy.


  1. Books are easy to wrap and even if the person receiving your gift knows it’s a book, he still won’t know what book it is. (Surprise!)


  1. If you don’t have much money to spend on gifts for the holiday season, you can shop at second-hand bookstores. In fact, almost all second-hand stores have books for sale and you can find hardbound and paperback books in perfect condition. (Everyone who receives a book from me can count on it being second-hand because I always read it before I give it, just to make sure it’s a good book and a good choice—at least, that’s my excuse!)


My happy memories of Christmas morning include finding a book to read from my sister under the tree, and sometimes another from my parents. It was something to look forward to receiving and was an important gift in a household that had no TV. In the afternoon before helping with the dinner, you could find every member of the family in the living room, curled up with a new book, carols playing on the radio, and yummy sweets from our Christmas stockings at hand. You can’t go wrong choosing books for everyone on your gift list.



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