Mysteries for Kids

Children Benefit By Practicing Year-Round Thanksgiving

Children receive lifelong benefits from learning gratitude and practicing thanksgiving all year long. Gratitude is a difficult concept to teach to normally self-centered and self-involved young children, but that is when the teaching should begin.

If your children haven’t learned to be thankful as preschoolers, it’s not too late. Thanksgiving Day is a reminder to all of us of the importance of gratitude and expressing thanks. {Read More}

Teach Empathy To Stop Your Child From Becoming A Bully

It is very alarming for parents to realize their child is a bully or exhibiting bullying tendencies, but the good news is that teaching empathy to children can curb this behavior and, fortunately, empathy is a learned behavior. {Read More}

Have Parenting Standards Lowered Over The Years?

Have parenting standards changed from those set by previous generations, and are they now lower and easier to meet or are they higher and more difficult to reach? There is a wealth of information on the subject of raising children and it is available to everyone through the media of TV, newspapers, magazines, books, and parenting courses, too. Is the spread of information helping? {Read More}

How You Can Keep Your Children Reading This Summer

You can keep your children reading this summer if you emphasize the fun aspect of reading, and make it a part of your family’s regular summer activities along with challenges and rewards. {Read More}

Are You Being Forced Into A Helicopter Parenting Role?

Are parents being forced to adopt child oversight roles that result in turning themselves into helicopter parents whether they want to be or not? Why and how is this happening?

Everyone is Watching

In April of this year, two incidents regarding children were highly publicized, and what the children were doing was very normal; the response from adults was not. {Read More}

Can Hugs Really Cure The Misery Of Kids And Teens?

The unhappiness of youth can’t always be cured by hugs, but physical contact that carries the message “I’m on your side” can make the misery bearable for kids and teenagers, too. It also makes misery bearable for parents. Hugs are messages of love. {Read More}

Kids Love Fiction: Mysteries, Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Sports

My blogs touch on a number of subjects that pertain to children, especially on how parents can help their kids with their reading through the benefits of fiction. I want to encourage parents who are always front and center in the effort to help children become better readers, and it is important that parents learn easy ways of encouraging children to read more and read faster. There are important roles played by fiction—mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and sports stories—that can help achieve these goals. {Read More}

Newsletter Has Info For Parents Of Kids In Sports

My free, monthly newsletter for parents of kids in sports or other activities has always provided a dinner recipe along with easy directions for freezing and reheating leftovers. These individual, frozen dinners can be used when games, practices, lessons, or performances prevent a child from eating dinner with the family. The newsletter now includes sports tips for parents who want to support their kids in their athletic endeavors. {Read More}

With Five Easy Steps, Parents Can Help Kids Read Better

There are five easy steps parents can take to help kids read better and they don’t require a lot of time or special knowledge about phonics, suffixes, root words, and other teaching lingo.

When your child is having trouble learning to read or learning to read well, there is a lot of pressure on parents to come up with magic solutions to help them at home. Although you may be prepared to try anything, a major problem is that helping requires a great deal of discipline on the part of the parent who is often busy, tired, and sometimes discouraged at not seeing great results no matter what they try. {Read More}

Books! Books! Books! They’re The Best Gifts For Kids!

Giving books to kids during this gift-giving season is encouraged by researchers who tell us that when children read, it not only hones their reading skills, but also helps children understand, size up, and empathize with other people, and supports creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. You can’t miss if you choose books for the children on your shopping list. {Read More}

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