Mysteries for Adults

Fiction Writers Desperately Need The Power Of Positive Thinking

Fiction writers usually write because they want to write, have to write, or feel compelled to tell a story; however, without the power of positive thinking—the belief that someone, somewhere, somehow will want to read what they write—they would give up their attempts after a few years. It would be the sensible thing to do, but most writers are not very sensible about writing. {Read More}

Why Write Murder Mysteries? Here’s My Second “Why”

My first reason for writing mysteries – mysteries for children; murder mysteries for adults – is because I write what I like to read.  As a reader, I need to know that I have a guaranteed escape from the world whenever I want. Nothing beats a murder mystery for that. {Read More}

Why Write Murder Mysteries? Let Me Count The “Whys”

Reason Why #1:

After all these years and after all the many books I’ve read, I’ve never lost my love of murder mysteries. I love reading them and watching the stories unfold on the TV screen, in the movie theater, or on the stage. If I sit down to write a piece of fiction, it will be a mystery; if it is fiction for adults, it will be a murder mystery.

The very framework of predictability of is one of the great charms of the mystery. Whenever I am tired or anxious or want the world to disappear for a while, the murder mystery is my friend.
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